What If…

Benedict Cumberbatch voiced the great wyrm Smaug and Martin Freeman played Bilbo Baggins. But what if Sherlock had been a giant dragon and Watson had been a plucky Hobbit…?


As Bilbo arrived at 221b Baker Street he heard a dreadful commotion coming from the upstairs flat. Cautiously climbing the stairs, sword in hand, he found Mrs Hudson stood on the landing with a tray of tea.
“Oh Bilbo,” said Mrs Hudson, the relief evident in her voice, “I’m so glad you’re here, I’m not going in there when he’s like that!”

“Like what?” asked Bilbo as the commotion continued.

“A bloody great Dragon!” wailed Mrs Hudson.

“Don’t worry,” sighed Bilbo, sheathing his sword and taking the tea tray from her, “I’ll take it to him.”

“Oh bless you dear,” said Mrs Hudson gratefully as she hurried back down the stairs.

Bilbo took a deep breath, slipped on his magic ring and slid quietly into 221b. Everything was chaos inside. Papers from Smaug’s latest case where strewn all over his massive pile of gold and priceless gems were scattered left and right and the great dragon paced restlessly.

Silently Bilbo crept nearer, still wearing his ring. Smaug stopped pacing and looked at him.

“Bilbo, I can hear you breathing. Stop breathing, it’s very annoying and I’m trying to think,” the great dragon said irritably.

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