Cold Open Stories

I’ve recently had two stories accepted for publication on Cold Open Stories, a community project to collect the best examples of Warhammer 40,000 fan fiction. If you’re interested in that setting or simply enjoy dark sci-fi then you may want to take a look!

The Dark Stabba

Ork Kommando Kaptin Gron has a secret mission to recover a powerful weapon for his Warboss. But can he achieve his objective without being stabbed in the back (or the front)? Find out in ‘The Dark Stabba’.

A Matter of Time

Founding his own Ordo hasn’t lived up to Inquisitor Syman Kant’s vision. The work is unproductive, leads are few, and one-by-one his allies are drifting away. Can he prove the worth of the Ordo Digna, or is it doomed to fail? Find out in ‘A Matter of Time’.

The Things Behind The Door

Lockdown has trapped Beatrix in her house. But what’s trapped in there with her? Find out in ‘The Things Behind the Door’, a new audio drama short written by me and performed by Lisa Graydon as part of the Ragged Scratch podcast’s ‘Isolation Sessions’.
The Things Behind The Door
This was a fun little project that I got involved with recently. The Ragged Scratch Podcast put out a call for five-minute (or thereabout) long monologues from writers, and a call for voice artists with their own home recording studios. Writers were then matched with voice artists with the aim of completing this project while at home in lockdown, hence the name “The Isolation Sessions”.
Please have a listen if you’ve got five minutes. I’m sure you’ll agree that Lisa has done an excellent job, not only on performing my script but also with the sound production as well! There are some other wonderful stories in the other Isolation Sessions episodes, so I’d definitely encourage you to work your way through the back-catalogue if you have the time.

Frankie Fightwell On The Radio

Frankie Fightwell is back! Due to the coronavirus lockdown, this year’s Wandsworth Arts Fringe has moved online with ‘WAF In Your Living Room’. My 2018 award-winning radio play – The Final Adventure of Frankie Fightwell – is on the schedule and available to stream from the WAF website from 8th – 24th May this year.

Additionally, ‘The Final Adventure of Frankie Fightwell’ will be broadcast tonight – Saturday 16th May – on London digital radio station Riverside Radio at 7pm. A great opportunity to hear the show if you missed it the first time around, or if you want to relive the fun of the live recording.