Cold Open Stories

I’ve recently had two stories accepted for publication on Cold Open Stories, a community project to collect the best examples of Warhammer 40,000 fan fiction. If you’re interested in that setting or simply enjoy dark sci-fi then you may want to take a look!

The Dark Stabba

Ork Kommando Kaptin Gron has a secret mission to recover a powerful weapon for his Warboss. But can he achieve his objective without being stabbed in the back (or the front)? Find out in ‘The Dark Stabba’.

A Matter of Time

Founding his own Ordo hasn’t lived up to Inquisitor Syman Kant’s vision. The work is unproductive, leads are few, and one-by-one his allies are drifting away. Can he prove the worth of the Ordo Digna, or is it doomed to fail? Find out in ‘A Matter of Time’.