Write with Chris and Millie (Week 17)

Every week my writer friend Millie and I alternate providing each other with writing prompts. We then allow ourselves one week to come up with a short story based on that prompt. This has been a fun exercise in both practising writing and devising plot hooks. You can see many of my stories on this site if you search for the Short Story tag.

We’ve recently decided that we’re going to start sharing the weekly prompts so that anyone else who is in the mood for a writing exercise can join in too. I’ve started sharing them on Twitter – search the hashtag #writewithchrisandmillie – and I’ll also post them here each week.

This week’s prompt is:

There was a bird on the horizon, swooping gracefully through the air. It was a majestic sight. The only concerning thing was the fact that there was no oxygen outside.

Good luck!