Frankie Fightwell, Theatre

Frankie Fightwell Preliminary Draft Complete

Last night I finished the preliminary draft of my new play, ‘The Final Adventure of Frankie Fightwell’. There’s a play there now, I just need to make sure it all makes sense! I have a little over a month until the working first draft deadline, so hopefully that’s more than enough time to complete the editing. To be honest I find the editing enjoyable; it’s getting all your thoughts down on paper and ordered into the initial structure that’s the tricky bit.


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Frankie Fightwell, Theatre

“The Final Adventure of Frankie Fightwell” Audio Recording

Today I was pleasantly surprised to discover the audio recording of “The Final Adventure of Frankie Fightwell” preview performed at the Blackshaw New Writing Showcase is featured in the latest Blackshaw Arts Hour podcast.

Episode 57 of the podcast can be found here, with Frankie Fightwell starting 26 minutes in. Having said that, the preceding review of “Fifty Shades Darker” is definitely worth a listen too.


Frankie Fightwell, Theatre

More Images From “The Final Adventure of Frankie Fightwell”

Here are a few more preview images from “The Final Adventure of Frankie Fightwell”, the brand new play I’m currently developing with Blackshaw Theatre. These photos were taken at the Blackshaw New Writing Showcase.

Abigail Morgan as ‘Frankie Fightwell’, John Rayment as ‘Stuart’ and Tom Slatter as ‘Dominic’.

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Frankie Fightwell, Theatre

“Frankie Fightwell” at Blackshaw New Writing Showcase

On Monday night I attended the Blackshaw Theatre New Writing Showcase at the Hen & Chicken Theatre. Amongst other pieces, the opening scene of my new theatrical work-in-progress, The Final Adventure of Frankie Fightwell, was performed as part of the showcase.

Blackshaw New Writing Events always have an amazing atmosphere, and it was great to see the characters come to life for the first time. The actors and director did an amazing job with my script and I can’t thank them enough for volunteering their time and the effort that they put in.

I was very pleased with the audience reaction on the night – now I just have to wait to receive their written feedback in a few days! And then? Well, on with (writing) the show!


Abigail Morgan as ‘Frankie Fightwell’ and John Rayment as ‘Stuart’

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Frankie Fightwell, Theatre

Shortlisted for Blackshaw New Writing Showcase Award 2017

I’m very pleased to say that I’ve been shortlisted for the Blackshaw Theatre New Writing Showcase Award 2017. A short, work-in-progress scene from a new play I’m working on will be performed at the Hen & Chicken Theatre, London, along with entries from the other four finalists. The winning piece will be developed into a full play to debut in 2018. So if you’d like to see the first ever public airing of a scene from ‘The Final Adventure of Frankie Fightwell’, along with the other finalists on the 30th January 2017, then tickets are available here.