‘The Final Adventure of Frankie Fightwell’ Post Show Thoughts

It’s now been a few weeks since ‘The Final Adventure of Frankie Fightwell’ finished, and now the dust has settled I’ve had time to gather my thoughts. So, just as I did for my last play, I thought I’d right a brief post looking back on what went right and what went wrong.

Firstly, if you came along, I really hope you enjoyed it. Secondly, if you caught the radio play version, I hope you enjoyed that too! If you haven’t heard the radio play version then what are you waiting for?! The free download is available now!

All productions images © Blackshaw Theatre 2018

So what went right? Essentially everything! Blackshaw Theatre are an excellent company to work with, the actors, Foley team and production crew all turned in brilliant performances and both shows went swimmingly! We also had some pretty positive reviews:

Pocket Size Theatre – “It is great fun.” ★★★★

A Younger Theatre – “The acting reflects the script to a large extent, which is well-pitched and keeps us engaged, and in particular used the meta-narrative of Frankie talking to the author to great comic effect.”

And of course, in addition to the good reviews, ‘The Final Adventure of Frankie Fightwell’ also won the Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2018 Stagedoor ‘New Writing Award’! As a writer, I couldn’t really ask for a better result than that!

After all that positivity, were there any bits that I wasn’t so pleased with? My only real criticisms are of myself. Even on my way to the first show I was thinking “damn, I wish I could have tweaked a few more lines here and there”. But I think that sort of self criticism is common in most writers, and at some point you’ve just got to put the pen down! The other thing, apart from the odd line here and there, that I might have changed was the pacing of the first two scenes, which I felt were in hindsight a bit slow compared to the rest. But nobody else seemed to think that, so perhaps I’m just being harsh on myself again?

So Frankie Fightwell is done and dusted and we have the nice souvenir of the radio play download (there’s that link again) as well as many happy memories. But what’s next? I can confirm that I have started working on my third play, but where and when we’ll see it only time will tell…