New Writing Blog

I’m starting this blog as part of an exercise in encouraging myself to write more frequently. It’s likely to be fairly sparse at first, but hopefully that will encourage me to write quicker. I was going to upload an extract from my first novel Erebus, but I haven’t edited it since 2006 and revisiting it just now caused me to be a little sick in my mouth. So I think we’ll skip that one for the moment.

I’m always trying to write new novels or short stories, so I’ll share extracts and ideas here. Most of them will be in science fiction or cosmic horror genre. Some will be humorous, some will be serious. Positive or negative feedback is greatly appreciated, just so long as it’s constructive!

One thought on “New Writing Blog

  1. Now that’s an exercise I can get behind. Now I just need to find a way to make myself draw more frequently… But I still love writing and wish I did it more. Nice inroads so far, I like the humourous spin on the end times.

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